How a High Protein, High Fiber, Low Carb Diet Can Work

(Total Miles Walked: 620.5)

Once again, it’s been ages since my last update, so I apologize for keeping everyone in suspense. The truth is that I’ve been rather lazy on the treadmill desk front lately. My company recently sent me a fantastic new laptop that has given me an excuse for sitting in the recliner instead of walking most days. However, I wanted to share my weight loss progress by explaining how a high protein, high fiber, low carb diet can work wonders.

The Four Hour Body

A friend recently recommended a book called The 4-Hour Body which I eventually read and started following its advice. In the book, the author, Tim Ferriss, suggests following what he calls “The Slow Carb Diet” to rapidly lose weight. It essentially cuts out all non-vegetable carbs (breads, rice, pasta), and suggests moderate portions of lentils and other beans, whole vegetables (except starchy ones like potatoes), eggs, and meats. You eat 4 meals per day, starting right after you wake up, so this ends up being about every 3-5 hours.

If you follow the diet strictly, it also recommends cutting out basically anything that’s white or can be white (dairy products, yogurt, etc.) and anything with sugar (beer, soda, candy). You’re allowed one glass of red wine per night, however. There’s no calorie counting, per se, but the suggested food list is consists of a lot of things that are high volume but low in calories (spinach, lentils, egg whites).

This results in a diet that is very high in protein and fiber and very low in non-vegetable carbs. However, once per week, you’re allowed a “cheat day” where you can go nuts and eat whatever you want. The side effects of the cheat day include some temporary weight gain, but the results at the end of each week have been impressive. Since starting the diet, I’m down 17 pounds in roughly 2 months, and I certainly haven’t followed it “strictly” (darn you, delicious beer!!).

The PAGG Stack

Another set of suggestions in the book are to take specific nutritional supplements intended to help your body destroy “mature” fat cells and convert more of the food you consume into energy instead of being stored as fat. The daily regimen looks like this:

  • Policosanol – 23 mg – once per day before final meal
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 100-300 mg – 4 times per day before meals
  • Garlic Extract (Allicin) – 200 mg – 4 times per day before meals
  • Green Tea Extra (ECGC) – 325 mg – 3 times per day before first 3 meals

I’ve been on this regimen for about 6 weeks now, and while it’s impossible to say for sure whether or not it’s really helping due to my simultaneous dietary changes, I’m definitely feeling more muscle mass in my abdomen, and my old pants are starting to fit again.

I bought all of my supplements on Amazon individually, but there are some places that sell the entire PAGG stack combined into just one or two capsules per day.

ACE/SABA Weight Loss Supplements

ACE/SABA Weight Loss SupplementsMy brother-in-law recently started taking a supplement called ACE (Appetite, Control, and Energy), and he absolutely swears by it. He’s lost nearly 40 pounds in just over 2 months since taking this, plus he’s been going to the gym much more and watching what he eats. It’s intended to help curb your appetite and give you more energy during the day (with the help of 180mg of caffeine – about 2 cups of coffee worth).

I just started my daily ACE regimen a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed a slight decrease in my appetite, although my energy levels have remained the same. Sure, part of all these supplements may be a bit of a placebo effect, but there’s a reason they call that “an effect”. When you’re actively thinking about food as energy instead of a reward or just another thing to do, it helps you decrease your intake and only eat when your body tells you it needs some more energy.

Bottom Line

So, this post had absolutely nothing to do with treadmills or desks, but it’s a long-overdue update for this site, and I have a lot more to talk about once I make some more time to work on it. I’m finally starting to see some real weight loss results, and it’s due to a combination of a high protein, high fiber diet and supplements. I’m sure my results would be more impressive if I’d actually continued to walk a few miles during the day!

NOTE: Always consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements or starting a rigorous exercise routine!

I have some ideas for a site re-design that I’ll hopefully get around to implementing soon. Most of my free time has been spent working on an iPhone app that I’m designing with some friends (not fitness-related). I’ll post more about that very soon.

Take care, and happy walking!

Using a Treadmill Desk For 6 Months

(Today’s weight: 218, Total Miles Walked: 520.5)

It’s been far too long since my last update, and I apologize to any of my readers who have been hoping for more recent progress reports. There’s not really a good excuse, but my weight loss took a backslide recently, so I’ve been less motivated to talk about it. But, I’ve now been using a treadmill desk for over 6 months, although its use has decreased in the past month or so due mainly to the fact that I’ve had to work on my laptop exclusively for a while now.

So what have I been up to?

Friends in Las Vegas

Our crazy crew in Las Vegas. And yes, that's a pink gorilla in the middle. More on that story later...

First, there was a trip to Las Vegas to drink heavily and lose some money, and I succeeded in meeting both of those goals quite well!). Then, I had different friends visit from out of town for about 3 weeks in a row, which resulted in lots of bar trips. Then, there was a trip to New York for a wedding shower which was mostly another weekend filled with beer and wine. Lastly, I was on an 8-day Caribbean cruise where pretty much the only physical activity was walking to the hot tub where buckets of beer were waiting patiently then walking to dinner for 3-5 course meals.

All of that travel resulted in tons of extra calories and very little exercise. Of course, it was all a blast, and I wouldn’t take back a single minute from any of those trips, but my body is starting to hate me for the abuse it’s had to endure.

Putting the gym back into rotation

One unfortunate side effect from using a treadmill desk has been that I’ve had almost no motivation to go to the gym or run. After a full day of walking, it’s easy to justify not working out. However, elevating your heart rate is still a very important component of any weight loss plan, so I’ve decided to go back to the gym and jump on the treadmill or ride the bike again in addition to hitting the weights.

This will require some extra motivation, of course, but I’m sure my wife will help push me along the way (even if she has to drag me kicking and screaming the whole way). She’s been on a fitness kick of her own for the past couple of months, and her efforts have definitely paid off. Not only has she gained some muscled tone, she looks great, and her motivation is apparently contagious.  :)

Walking more on the treadmill desk

Cruise ship craziness

My wife and I with the rest of the Karaoke All-Stars on the cruise ship. Left to right: Madonna, Ricky Martin, Elton John, James Brown, and Garth Brooks

Since I’ve had to use my laptop a lot more for the past few months, I’ve been walking a lot less. This is mostly because the laptop doesn’t fit well on my desk currently, so I’ve been sitting in the living room in a comfortable chair instead.

Luckily, that work is mostly finished, and I can go back to using my desktop computer for my daily workflow again. Say hello to more walking! Even though I’ve gained a lot of my weight back, I’m scared to think how much more it would have been had I not invested in a treadmill desk.

Update on virtual walk to Chicago

I have definitely walked all the way to Chicago now, so the first leg of my journey is complete! I’ll post more about my new virtual destination and some of the sights along the way in the near future, since this is getting quite long already.

Thanks for following me, and if you’ve decided to join the treadmill desk revolution as well, I wish you all the best of luck on your own virtual journey!

A Treadmill Desk Walk Through Terre Haute, Indiana

(Today’s Weight: 212, Total Miles Walked: 320.5)

Welcome to another installment of the Office Walker’s Virtual Walk To Chicago! The past several weeks, I’ve been continuing to consume large quantities of cookies and post-holiday snacks, so my weight loss has slowed (virtually stalled, in fact), but I’ve continued to walk 3-4 days per week on the treadmill desk. My travels have taken me past a number of small towns in Indiana, including Veedersburg and Attica, but the largest of these cities has been Terre Haute, Indiana. So, you’ll be learning a fair amount about Terre Haute in today’s episode.

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But first, let’s discuss a few other things that I’ve been meaning to write up but haven’t gotten around to doing so until now.

Best Shoes For Walking On A Treadmill Desk

Reebok RealFlex Running ShoesBack in late November, I purchased a pair of Reebok RealFlex “barefoot/natural” running shoes to use while walking. To be fair, I don’t know that I can call these “the best shoes” for walking on a treadmill desk since I haven’t tried everything yet, but these are certainly quite good. The interesting thing about these shoes is that they flex a lot if you take them off, but they still have a very padded sole to keep your feet comfortable.

I mentioned early on in my treadmill desk blog that I was starting to feel some arch pain in my feet from walking so much. I then tried to go barefoot, but that also didn’t feel that great over a long period of time. So, I decided to give the Reebok RealFlex model a try, and I’ve been extremely pleased with them ever since.

The cushion is great, and I haven’t felt any foot pain since switching to them. They are extremely lightweight, and they are very form fitting, so my feet don’t get cramped or sore during the day. If anyone else out there is considering using a treadmill desk, I highly recommend giving these babies a try (by the way, if you purchase anything through my Amazon link, I get a small percentage as a referral fee – HINT HINT). 😉

Cats And Treadmills

Our Cat, Simba

This is Simba, obviously not very happy about his new Christmas decoration

We have two cats, and I was really excited about seeing their reaction to the treadmill. I had hoped they wouldn’t mind walking on it so that I could upload some awesome videos, but alas, they are both deathly afraid of the thing while it’s running. So, it’s a shame, but my cats and treadmills don’t seem to mix very well.

Simba (the one in the picture) doesn’t mind lying down on it when it’s not running, but as soon as that tread starts to move, he runs away and cowers under the couch. Unless he’s hungry, of course, then he stands right next to me and meows pitifully until I jump off and fill up his food bowl. Kiki, our other cat, doesn’t appear to like it very much either.

I tried holding them in place while the tread was moving, and Kiki will somewhat walk with her front paws, but her back feet just drag behind her, so she’s obviously not cut out for having her own treadmill desk yet. Simba hates it even more, and he’ll actively try to bite me until I let him go. Unfortunate, but it appears these cats are not wise to the world of physical training just yet. Maybe in time…

All About Terre Haute, Indiana

The Lovely City of Terre Haute

The Lovely City of Terre Haute

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Let’s discuss Terre Haute, Indiana, and all of the wonderous joys that this city holds.

With a city population of nearly 61,000, Terre Haute is the county seat of Virgo County, one of the westernmost counties in Indiana. The federal death row sits in the correctional complex in this city, so not everything is sunny and happy here, but for the most part, it’s a wonderful mid-size town.

Sitting right next to the Wabash River, Terre Haute has a little bit of everything for a midwestern city. In fact, the official “Crossroads of America” is considered to be the intersection of 7th Street and Wabash Street. It’s centrally located between a number of metropolitan cities, including Indianapolis, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and my first major walking destination, Chicago.

History Of Terre Haute

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison founded Fort Harrison just outside of the city now known as Terre Haute

(Note, most of this information exists on Wikipedia, so I’m relying on the “truthiness” of the Internet masses for accuracy…) Terre Haute was founded shortly after the construction of Fort Harrison, the famous fort constructed by then-future-President William Henry Harrison. In 1812, the fort was defended from a Native American raid which was fueled by the British, who were apparently still upset that their little colony had rebelled a few decades prior.

As the colonists continued to venture westward, the area previously occupied by Native Americans became settled more and more, resulting in fairly rapid growth in the Terre Haute area. Steamboats and riverboats navigated the Wabash River, making Terre Haute a commercial hub for the growing midwest. The Wabash and Erie Canal grew to become the largest man-made canal in this half of the globe, further fueling expansion and commercialization.

In 1852, a railroad line connected Terre Haute to Indianapolis, making rail traffic the largest source of travelers to the city instead of the canal. The ease of transportation to and from the city brought further prosperity and commercial traffic.

However, with the easy river access, the city’s “red light district” grew and developed a bad reputation (or good, depending on the point of view of the visitor). The 1950s saw the city described as “Sin City” by a major magazine at the time. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Terre Haute made a serious effort to clean up its image and revitalize the waterfront area.

Today, Terre Haute is home to a number of large industrial and commercial operations, including the first factory in the United States to manufacture CDs, owned by Sony. Malls, airports, art museums, music venues, and major highways now dot the landscape once roamed by the Wea Native Americans.

Wow, That Was A Long Post

I hope you’ve enjoyed the virtual treadmill desk walk through Terre Haute and its past, as well as the ridiculous picture of Simba. At this point, I’m getting fairly close to Chicago and should be there within a couple of weeks. From there, I’ll continue the route that Forrest Gump took on his criss-crossing run across America, so I’ll be heading west.

If any cities or businesses would like to be featured along the way, I’ll be happy to sell advertising space take a virtual journey there. Just let me know below in the comments or shoot me an email. Until then, Happy Walking!